Groupe Limagrain

Groupe Limagrain Holding SA (Groupe Limagrain) is a cooperative holding company that produces and markets field crop and vegetable seeds, cereal-based products such as baked goods and pastries, and animal feed for farmers and processors. Seeds are marketed globally through ten subsidiaries. The company was founded in 1942 as Coopérative de Production et de Vente de Semences Sélectionnées du Massif Central. It changed its name to Groupe Limagrain Holding SA in 1965.

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Summary of results:

Groupe Limagrain ranks sixth in the Global Index of Field Crop Seed Companies, indicating multiple opportunities to increase access to seeds for smallholder farmers in Index countries. Although the company is actively involved in several multi-stakeholder initiatives that support food security and smallholder farmers in Index countries, it is encouraged to articulate additional commitments and strategies related to access to seeds.

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Leading Practices

    Groupe Limagrain is a founding member of two multi-stakeholder initiatives originating in France that are relevant for access to seeds: Movement for a World Organization of Agriculture (Momagri) and the Foundation for World Agriculture and Rurality (FARM).

    Group Limagrain and its subsidiary Hazera have played a major role in establishing the NGO Fair Planet, which runs comparative vegetable variety trials and a training program to transfer know-how and cultivation practices to local farmers in Ethiopia.

Areas for Improvement

    Groupe Limagrain discloses five major CSR commitments, including enhancing global food security by empowering farmers worldwide. In order to translate this commitment into action, the company is encouraged to set and report progress towards related targets.

    The company is encouraged to expand its agricultural services programs aimed at smallholder farmers, currently in place in Ethiopia through the NGO Fair Planet, to all its subsidiaries and more Index countries where it is active.

Notable Findings

    Groupe Limagrain discloses a commitment to enrich biodiversity and make genetic resources accessible to society.

    The company states that the systems of plant variety rights and patent rights can coexist and that the breeders’ exemptions must be a fundamental part of any intellectual property system applied to plant innovation. The company adds that it lobbies for breeders’ exemptions and supports a French regulation which states that farmers growing protected commercial varieties may, for some crops, save the seeds of part of their harvest if they pay a royalty called the Mandatory and Voluntary Contribution. The smallest farmers are exempt from this royalty.

    The company states that it creates, produces and distributes field crop seeds and vegetable seeds adapted to the different climates and soils of each market, adding that it aims to remain close to markets so that it can permanently adapt germplasm and varieties.

    The company also reports that its subsidiary Hazera has obtained ISO 9001 certification for quality management at its Dutch and Israeli sites.