Takii & Co. Ltd. (Takii) is active in the breeding, production, marketing and sale of vegetable and flower seeds. The company was founded in 1835. It is based in Japan and has operations in the USA, Brazil, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, India and Indonesia.

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Summary of results:

Takii ranks ninth in the Global Index of Vegetable Seed Companies. Its poor performance is a reflection of its lack of formal commitments governing its activities related to access to seeds for smallholder farmers as well as an overall lack of transparency. Nevertheless, the company has put in place some programs that positively impact smallholder farmers and access to seeds. Through its R&D program, it develops disease- and climate-resilient varieties, both of which would benefit smallholder farmers.

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Leading Practices

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Areas for Improvement

    Overall, Takii is encouraged to disclose more information about its programs and policies related to access to seeds for smallholder farmers. It is also encouraged to articulate a formal commitment that addresses access to seeds for smallholder farmers.

    It is known that Takii has an R&D program dedicated to developing varieties that are disease and climate resilient, traits that are beneficial to smallholder farmers in Index regions. However, the company does not disclose whether and how these varieties are made available to smallholder farmers in Index countries.

Notable Findings

    Takii states publicly that it is committed to serving a diverse set of customers by adapting its production to various climate conditions, while working with local research stations. The company is also committed to developing better tasting varieties and varieties resilient to the impacts of climate change.

    The company reports that it has subsidiaries in Indonesia and India but does not disclose information about the scope of the activities of these subsidiaries.