Known-You Seed

Known-You Seed was established in 1968 and has a focus on breeding and marketing of hybrid vegetable varieties. The company has a presence in all 13 index countries. Its products are sold through its own subsidiaries and independent distributors. Its main crops in South and Southeast Asia are melon, watermelon and papaya. Smallholder farmers constitute its main clientele in some markets. The company reports a wide portfolio of vegetable and local crops.

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South and Southeast Asia

Summary of results:

Known-You Seed ranks 15th out of 24 index companies, mainly due to its solid performance in Research & Development. In this measurement area, its main strength lies in its breeding program, which includes both global and local crops, while focusing on traits and pests important for smallholders. Its extensive presence translates into local seed production capacity and marketing demonstrations across the region. However, the company could consider improving its practices in Genetic Resources, Intellectual Property and Capacity Building with regards to smallholder farmers.

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Operations in Scope
  • Countries in Scope
  • Company Presence
  • Production Locations
  • Breeding Station/R&D
Index Crops in Portfolio
Seed type Source
Hybrid OPV GM Own
from other
Green bean
Green pea
Pepper (hot)
Pepper (sweet)
Local Crops in Portfolio
  • Amaranth
  • Kangkong
  • Vegetable chrysanthemum
Leading Practices

    The company has a breeding program through which it develops improved varieties of global and local crops appropriate for smallholder farmers in South and Southeast Asia. The company breeds for special traits useful for smallholder farmers including resistance to regionally important pests and diseases. Apart from having breeding locations in the region, the company’s breeding activities in Taiwan address the needs and demands of smallholder farmers.

    Smallholder farmers produce 100% of the company’s seed in Thailand and India. Seed producers are offered formal contracts that describe the price, payment terms and support being provided.

Areas for Improvement

    The company could consider being more transparent about the code of conduct governing its business activities.

    While the company provides brief references to a commitment on a few aspects of sustainable development such as climate change, it is encouraged to articulate a formal commitment regarding smallholder farmers.

    The company has indicated it protects its hybrids by means of trade secret mechanisms only, unlike other companies. In addition, it only develops hybrids for all its varieties. With a presence in all 13 index countries, the company is encouraged to adopt an intellectual property policy that clearly considers the needs of smallholder farmers in these countries.

Notable Findings

    The company is an active member of national trade associations in India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

    The company is working on improving three local crops, namely amaranth, kangkong  and vegetable chrysanthemum, suitable for smallholder farmers in index countries.

    All seed supplied by Known-You comply with International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) standards. Local rules are followed when registering new varieties in index countries.

    The company distributes its seed through its own subsidiary in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and India but relies on distributors in other countries.