Punjab Seed Corporation

Punjab Seed Corporation was established through the Punjab Seed Corporation Seed Act of 1976 and is fully owned by the Government of Punjab in Pakistan. The company was set up to enhance agricultural productivity by producing seed and supplying it to farmers throughout the province. The company is active in its home country, though it has exported to neighboring countries in the past. In addition to food crops, it also sells cotton and forage seed.

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South and Southeast Asia

Summary of results:

Punjab Seed Corporation ranks 22nd in the South and Southeast Asia Index. The company markets a broad portfolio of field crop varieties as well as some vegetable varieties through extensive distribution channels in Punjab, as reflected in a moderate score in Marketing & Sales. After its establishment in the 1970s, the company invested in developing and improving its activities in seed production, which is now one of its strengths. The company does not have a comprehensive breeding program, resulting in relatively weaker performance in Research & Development, and it has no related positions in Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources. Additionally, no evidence was found for corporate oversight and Capacity Building activities for the explicit benefit of smallholder farmers.

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Operations in Scope
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  • Company Presence
  • Production Locations
  • Breeding Station/R&D
Index Crops in Portfolio
Seed type
Hybrid OPV GM
Field crops
Rice, paddy
Green pea
Local Crops in Portfolio
  • Lentil
  • Mungbean
Leading Practices

    Punjab Seed Corporation reports that it has implemented rigorous management systems to ensure seed quality, for example through its quality control lab. It reports that it is the first seed company in Punjab that qualifies for an ISO certificate.

Areas for Improvement

    Punjab Seed Corporation could enhance its position by developing and/or disclosing formal policies and activities related to its programs for improving access to seeds for smallholder farmers.

    The company reports that it offers seed at affordable rates to enhance adoption by farmers in the region, though it is encouraged to clarify the design of its pricing schemes.

    The company states that one of its ‘chartered functions’ is to provide advisory services to farmers. Clarification is needed on how it fulfills this objective, including the number of farmers it reaches through these services.

Notable Findings

    Although Punjab Seed Corporation reports that it did not export seed in 2015-17, it demonstrated that in the past it had sales activities in multiple countries, notably in Iraq, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

    Besides its head office in Lahore, the company has 16 field offices that function as sales offices. It also employs a network of 1,515 agro-dealers who distribute seed in Punjab.

    The company’s Potato Tissue Culture Lab was set up to increase the production of disease-free seed potatoes. It reports that it has increased production from 500 to 1,200 metric tons, thanks to its cold storage capacity.