Da-Allgreen Seeds

Da-Allgreen Seeds Ltd (Da-Allgreen Seeds) is a Nigerian company involved in the production, processing and marketing of field crop and vegetable seeds, including seedlings and cuttings. It also sells fresh vegetables and herbs. The company's main crops in its seed sales are rice, maize and sorghum, and it markets vitamin A-fortified cassava. Its portfolio includes open-pollinated varieties and hybrids for some crops.

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Western and Central Africa

Summary of results:

Da-Allgreen Seeds ranks in the middle of the 2019 Index for Western and Central Africa, in 12th place. The company shows some strengths in Governance & Strategy, particularly for assigning CEO/board-level responsibility for its access to seeds commitments, and throughout Marketing & Sales. In Seed Production, the company is also strong in terms of engaging smallholder farmers and in testing varieties suitable for the market, related to Research & Development. However, the company does not have a breeding program, nor engages in activities concerning conservation and use of genetic resources, resulting in lower scores in Genetic Resources and Research & Development.

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Operations in Scope
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Index Crops in Portfolio
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Hybrid OPV GM Own
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Field crops
Rice, paddy
Pepper (sweet)
Leading Practices
Areas for Improvement

    Da-Allgreen Seeds is encouraged to publicly disclose the full scope of its access to seeds-related activities and to clarify the level of suitability of its products for smallholder farmers in the index region. The company could also develop and disclose formal commitments or policies to guide these activities.

    The company does not report having codes of conduct in place for its business practices in the region. It is encouraged to set internal standards for anti-corruption, lobbying activities and social and labor standards. It is also encouraged to monitor compliance with social standards to ensure that the minimum working conditions relating to child labor, forced labor, health and safety, living conditions and minimum wages apply to its seed production activities in particular.

    The company offers capacity building activities to women and next-generation farmers through its extension and marketing networks. It is encouraged to clarify the full scope of these activities and how it reaches these target groups.

Notable Findings

    Da-Allgreen Seeds invests in advocacy and awareness raising for farmers around the benefits of using improved seed. Further, as part of its mission, Da-Allgreen Seeds aims to increase the consumption of higher nutrient vegetables and herbs in Nigeria and to increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

    The company engages in local seed sector development by identifying potential farmer communities through which to engage farmer groups as contract outgrowers.

    The company is a registered member of the Seed Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria and the African Seed Trade Association.

    The company conducts variety trials in Nigeria, the only country where it is active, testing varieties exclusively from agricultural research institutes.

    The company has seed production activities in Nigeria, in which it involves smallholder farmers. Its seed processing facility adheres to quality control standards stipulated by Nigeria’s national regulatory agency.

    The company markets varieties from agricultural research institutes and other companies, receiving feedback on its products from smallholder farmers through field days.