Capacity Building

This measurement area focuses on the ways in which seed companies invest in local capacity building to ensure that farmers have the right knowledge and tools to realize the full potential of quality seeds of improved varieties. This area presents many opportunities for public-private partnerships.

Extension services are activities that build the capacity of smallholder farmers. These include not only the use of improved varieties but also the appropriate application of other agricultural inputs and sustainable business practices. Companies can offer extension services themselves or in partnership with local organizations. To engage next-generation farmers in agriculture and address the specific demands of women farmers, tailored programs can be organized for these target groups.

Information and communication technology
As an enabling technology, information and communication technology (ICT) and mobile services provide numerous opportunities for smallholders to grow as entrepreneurs, for instance through provisioning, agronomic support and technical information. By collecting and aggregating data from farmers, ICT also enables companies and other actors to understand the demands and needs of smallholder farmers better.

Access to output markets
Most farmers grow crops not only for their own use but also for commercial sale. Breeding companies can help farmers to increase their profitability by linking them to output markets and/or assisting in the development of a local or regional market. Companies can partner with other organizations to offer farmers training in areas such as post-harvest handling and product hygiene.

G.I Commitment
G.I.1 Capacity building

The company has a policy statement on building the capacity of smallholder farmers in index countries in order to increase their productivity, food and nutrition security, and resilience in a sustainable manner.

G.II Performance
G.II.1 Extension services

The company offers, directly or through local public or private partners, agricultural extension services to smallholder farmers in index countries.

G.II.2 Next-generation farmers

The company has programs in place to engage next-generation farmers in agriculture, such as support for formal education programs and/or institutions.


The company supports, directly or through partnerships, initiatives that advance the use of ICT by smallholder farmers in index countries to help build their capacity and inform their decision-making.

G.II.4 Programs for women farmers

The company supports programs, directly or through partnerships, which are specifically designed to enable women farmers in index countries to access and utilize seeds and adjacent technologies.

G.II.5 Access to output markets

The company is engaged in developing the food value chain in index countries through its involvement, directly or through partnerships, in collaborative initiatives that link smallholder farmers to output markets.

G.III Transparency
G.III.1 Transparency in Capacity Building

The company reports publicly on its policies, practices and results in this area.

G.IV Leadership
G.IV.1 Leadership in Capacity Building

The company has established innovative models or leading practices in this area.