Seed Production

Through local seed production, companies can address the limited availability of quality seeds while advancing the local seed sector. This measurement area seeks to identify whether companies produce seeds locally and the extent to which smallholder farmers are involved in this process.

Local seed production
Companies that produce seeds locally can help advance local seed sectors. By introducing new technologies and expertise to improve seed production, working with local seed growers can contribute to overall capacity building.

Labor standards
In producing seeds within index countries, companies should institute fair labor conditions and adhere to international labor standards. This could include addressing child labor, health and safety, and workers’ benefits.

Quality management
Seed quality depends on a comprehensive approach to quality assurance based on international standards. To ensure consistent quality, seed companies, through their local partners or contract growers, should have robust seed quality management systems in place, from seed production to post-harvest handling, storage, processing and packaging.

E.I Commitment
E.I.1 Local seed production

The company has a clear commitment to producing seeds in index countries and to involving smallholder farmers in these activities.

E.II Performance
E.II.1 Seed production activities in index countries

The company produces seeds in index countries through its own facilities or through partnering with local companies or farmer organizations.

E.II.2 Engaging smallholder farmers in seed production

The company involves smallholder farmers in its seed production in index countries.

E.II.3 Quality management in seed production

The company has management systems in place to ensure quality throughout its seed production processes in index countries.

E.II.4 Labor standards in seed production

The company has labor standards in place to ensure fair labor conditions in the production of its seeds in index countries.

E.III Transparency
E.III.1 Transparency in Seed Production

The company reports publicly on its policies, practices and results in this area.

E.IV Leadership
E.IV.1 Leadership in Seed Production

The company has established innovative models or leading practices in this area.